Why Host a Sustainable Event?

Image credit: Alexandra Roberts Photography

Image credit: Alexandra Roberts Photography

At least ten percent of food from the average American wedding goes to waste. Ten percent. That’s a lot of food. And that stat doesn’t even consider waste from paper goods, alcohol, cooking supplies, invitations, decorations, or travel. 

When you factor all of that in, the average wedding with 100 guests ends up producing over 400 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. That means one single wedding produces the amount of emissions 4-5 individuals do in an entire year—which means in a full year, weddings produce over 1 BILLION pounds of trash. 

Does that have you feeling like garbage? It sure does for us.

We know that sustainability isn’t always top-of-mind in event-planning. But tiny changes to your event can help impact the planet in some big ways.

By making your event as sustainable as possible, you can: 

  1. Save hundreds of pounds of garbage from entering landfills

  2. Set the example for those around you by showing it’s doable

  3. Help educate others and inspire them to do the same

We’ve made it our mission to show the world how easy, beneficial, and beautiful a sustainable event can be—starting by making sure we use the right amount of food in the first place. While most caterers might use an abundance of food to make it look more appealing, we make sure we use the right amounts with a small overage and design our tablescapes and platters to make the food look appealing on its own without creating extra waste. We also do our best to compost and recycle all that is left over.

Stay tuned to learn more about the different aspects of an event that we strive to make sustainable!