Why We Call Ourselves Chive


I can still feel the intense warmth of that late winter sun on my face. It was March 2009, and Lindsey, my sister Jules, and I were sitting on a snowy porch, sipping coffee and smiling like idiots. As we thawed out, we spitballed names for the new business we were creating. We must have had a million ideas that, honestly, I can’t even remember anymore.


We talked about the qualities of a good name, and what we’d want ours to embody: purposeful, catchy, succinct, food oriented. We also wanted it to be evocative of design and sustainability.


Easy, right?

Yeah, right!


After about 30 cups of joe and with dizzied minds, we agreed to “sleep on it,” a phrase we still use today when pondering big decisions.


That night, I was reading the latest issue of Edible Boston. The cover showed a beautiful image of several budding Chives, and made me think of the sprouting chives we’d seen earlier that day on Lindsey’s porch. Those determined rascals were bursting out of a broken terra cotta pot that still had a layer of snow on top. Those chives reminded me of us!


And just like that, we’d found the name of our business.




The name felt so right! What we loved most was the symbolism: resilient and zesty! The three basic parts of the plant also had so much meaning to us.


The roots represented our mission to stay grounded in sustainable practices.
The stem was a symbol of vibrant and nourishing food.
The flower reminded us to use purposeful design to elevate everything we do.


Almost 10 years later, the name Chive continues to inspire us. Although Jules has since moved on, the three of us still share pride in the evolution of the business and know that a large part of its success stems from the nurturing we all put into the early details, including the name. —Jennifer Freedson, co-founder

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